A&T Law is a law firm in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines that offers tax advice and representation to businesses and individuals.


With the ever-changing tax law regime in the Philippines, clients seek A&T Law’s legal services with regard to tax planning, compliance, and litigation.


We team up with our clients and tax and accounting consultants to achieve tax efficiency, risk mitigation, prevention of tax controversy, and successful resolution of an inevitable dispute.


Our lawyers and attorneys advise clients on commercial transactions with tax implications. We provide legal representation to clients in tax litigation before the administrative agencies and regular courts.


A&T Law is a Philippine law firm integrates its tax law services with its specialization in commercial, civil and other related branches of law.


Tax Compliance Audits | Tax Litigation | Request for Rulings and Opinions from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) | Tax-free Mergers  | Protest of Tax Assessments | Tax Refund | Tax Compromise | Tax Credit | Estate Planning | Tax Abatement | Tariff and Customs Code | Local Government Tax