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A&T Law is a law office in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines that provides legal advice and representation to clients in interactions between private entities and local and national governments.


We represent businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations with matters relating to local and national laws and regulations. We counsel politicians and public servants about legal issues that affect their services, programs, and projects.


Our services range from drafting ordinances and regulations, educating public servants about relevant laws, and negotiating public-private partnerships to reviewing of contracts, legislative consultancy, and counseling candidates in their election campaigns.


With the great and inherent powers of the government, private clients seek the counsel and representation from a trusted Philippine law firm on complying with legal requirements and ensuring that their rights are protected. With the very high standards imposed on those people in the government, public officers request our legal advice about their compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.




Protecting the Votes of Election Candidates | Ensuring Compliance with Campaign Finance Laws | Ensuring Compliance with Campaign Regulations | Representing Candidates before the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and the Regular Courts | Educating the Watchers and Other Representatives of Election Candidates




Educating Public Officers on Legal Issues | Counseling Businesses on Laws That Affect Them | Representing Public Servants in Administrative Cases | Representing Clients in Public Hearings and Consultations




Drafting Ordinances, Regulations, & Statutes | Counseling on Legality of Laws and Regulations




Representing Private Companies in Public-Private Partnerships or Privatization Projects | Land Reclassification | Land Conversion | Complying with Public Bidding Requirements | Reviewing Contracts with the Government | Procurement




Acquiring Primary and Secondary Public Franchises, Licenses, Permits or Approvals | Fixing of Rates | Counseling on Local and National Laws and Regulations

Election Law
Administrative Law
Legislative Consultancy
Privatization & PPP
Public Utilities
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