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Arceo & Tandoc Law Firm (A&T Law) is a full-service law office in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.


It is composed of attorneys who have the training, knowledge, creativity, and tenacity to accomplish great solutions to your legal problems. Our lawyers operate as a team, with their individual specializations complementing each other.


A&T Law was founded by Atty. Reginald M. Arceo and Atty. Mark Haddison P. Tandoc. Subsequently, they were joined by Atty. Nel Vincent G. Balmoja and Atty. Kyle Irasusta Arceo, CPA.


After graduating from the Ateneo de Manila Law School, hurdling the Philippine bar examinations (Atty. Reginald M. Arceo was a bar topnotcher, placing 4th) and working at private law firms, they seized the opportunity to establish a Philippine law firm that can match the wide-ranging legal services offered by the large firms in Makati City, Bonifacio Global City or Ortigas Center. 


Our founders made it possible by cultivating a culture of efficiency, being hands-on, transparency, and responsiveness. Simply put, A&T Law trailblazes excellence.

The primary purpose of A&T Law is to assist the courts in the administration of justice. Still, that the practice of law is not a business should not be an excuse to run a law firm inefficiently. Managing a law firm in a manner that is contrary to the tenets of business efficiency would impede the administration of justice because it is a waste of the clients’ time and resources. Ultimately, it would hinder people from gaining access to quality legal services because of the unnecessary costs.


Easy Billing and Payment Methods. You decide how you pay. We discourage hourly billing because continuously recording billable hours does not boost a lawyer’s efficiency and momentum. We do not want you to think that our lawyers are prolonging their work to increase their fees. As alternatives, we recommend flat fees, monthly retainers or percentage fees. These methods would lead to predictability in legal costs. More importantly, the misunderstandings between the client and the attorney over legal fees and costs will be prevented. Nevertheless, if you insist on hourly billing, we can guarantee to do it in an efficient and honest manner.


Cost-effective Legal Services. We focus on what is essential, which is solving your legal problem. Rather than having an extravagant firm in a central business district with its accompanying overhead costs, we concentrate on providing you high quality but cost-effective legal services through our law office in Quezon City, Philippines. We maximize the benefits of technology. We try to be paperless in our activities and transactions. We use different online services for billing, payment, document sharing, storage, and communication. We hire quality people with varying specializations. A Philippine law firm should be judged by the quality of the legal services rendered to the client, and not by the number of people needed to produce a certain result.

A&T Law will never betray the trust of its clients. It is a Philippine law firm that pursues excellence while upholding its core values.


Our clients’ needs are also our personal advocacies because they expect us to provide hands-on legal services and advice. You deserve our full and personal attention.


For us, a client is much more than just another case or matter folder. We establish and maintain great relationships with our clients so that we can actually understand and appreciate their legal concerns.


There is a legal maxim that states: “delegate potestas non potest delegari.” One to whom power is delegated cannot himself further delegate that power.


When a client enters our law office in Quezon City and puts his or her trust on A&T Law, the duty primarily falls on the shoulders of the firm’s partners to deliver the expected results.


The A&T Law partners are hands-on in serving the client from start to finish. While the help of associate lawyers, non-legal staff or even third-party consultants and advisors may be needed in some instances, the A&T Law partners are the ones who are essentially carrying out the legal services.

A relationship imbued with honesty and transparency will prevent disputes. Every Philippine law firm should strive for this kind of relationship with its clients.


We explain billing and payment with clarity beforehand. We place ourselves in the client’s situation. We understand that they want predictable legal costs.


We promise that our clients will never be caught off guard by a bill from A&T Law.


We provide our clients sincere, unambiguous, and realistic legal advice. You will never receive empty promises. We know when to make out-of-court settlements and when to pursue litigation, with the ultimate objective of protecting the interests of our clients.


As a premier law office in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, our only goal is winning our clients’ trust instead of chasing billable hour targets,


We utilize cloud technology to share updated records, files, invoices, documents, messages, and other relevant information with our clients. We know when to seek outside help. In matters requiring highly technical and scientific knowledge, we will not hesitate to collaborate with technical advisers and consultants.


Championing our clients’ rights is much more important than our egos. We know our weaknesses, and we will do everything to provide solutions to the same.

While we do not guarantee a particular outcome, we give our best to deliver the results that our clients desire.


We offer fast and open lines of communication because our clients insist on responsiveness. It costs nothing to speak to us.


Due to the strategic location of our law office in Quezon City, Metro Manila, clients from different parts of the Philippines can easily reach us.


We make ourselves accessible. You can send us messages and view communications, invoices and other important records online at any time of the day.


We are sensitive to your need for a platform of reliable and quick communication.


A&T Law has an internal policy instructing its lawyers and non-legal staff to respond to clients’ questions and messages as soon as possible.


A Philippine law firm must give its clients a peace of mind by giving prompt responses to the latter's messages and questions. 

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