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Monthly Legal Retainer Services in the Philippines

Arceo Law provides monthly legal retainer services in the Philippines as a convenient and inexpensive option for those corporations, businesses, and even private individuals who need the services of a lawyer on a regular, constant or recurring basis.

The most basic services covered by a monthly legal retainer contract are the following:

  1. Drafting and review of routinary agreements, contracts, and other documents that are used in the ordinary course of the client’s conduct of its affairs;

  2. Drafting and sending of demand letters and responses to demand letters;

  3. Drafting and review of standard employment templates;

  4. Providing advice on the client’s legal compliance with Philippine regulatory requirements;

  5. Drafting of legal opinions;

  6. Legal consultations;

  7. Supply of full text of laws, Supreme Court decisions, and administrative rules and regulations, upon request by the client; and

  8. Representation of client in routinary meetings done in the ordinary course of the client’s conduct of its affairs, such as a meetings with employees of the client for labor matters.

It must be stressed, however, that not all legal services are covered by a retainer agreement. For instance, litigation proceedings, immigration and intellectual property transactions, transfer of land title, and other special projects are excluded. Likewise, it is a standard practice for law firms to provide a limit or cap to the number of hours covered by a retainer contract.

In case of Arceo Law, however, we provide the monthly legal retainer services to our clients without limit as to time and number of services requested, provided that the service is within the scope of the engagement agreement. In a sense, it can be considered as unlimited legal services for a fixed or flat monthly fee. For a higher professional fee, we can also customize the contract if the client wants to include services that are normally excluded in a retainer agreement.

Monthly Legal Retainer Fee

Paying a law firm monthly is not for everyone. This can provide value for money only to those who regularly need the assistance of a retainer attorney. If you need to avail legal services on a regular, constant or recurring basis, a monthly legal retainer services agreement is a much cheaper option than employing a full-time salaried in-house counsel or even paying the law firm on a per-transaction or hourly billing basis.

The legal fee depends on several factors, such as the volume and kinds of service required, the duration of the agreement, and the number of employees of the client, among others.

Other Benefits of a Engaging a Monthly Legal Retainer Law Firm

Having a monthly legal retainer lawyer provides you quick access to a lawyer’s advice or services. In case of Arceo Law, each client has access to all lawyers of the Firm with different specializations, depending on the nature of the client’s legal concerns.

Another benefit of having a retainer attorney is that in case you need to avail non-retainer special legal services in the future, you would be entitled to discounted rates from the Firm. Hence, the litigation acceptance fee for a retainer client is much lower compared to a non-retainer client.

“Prevention is better than cure.” You need a lawyer not only because you already have a legal problem, but more importantly, to prevent a legal problem in the first place. For example, a company that has a labor retainer legal counsel can ensure that it has a comprehensive, complete, and legally compliant employment documents and templates, which would protect it against future claims for exorbitant backwages, separation pay, and other damages.

Arceo and Irasusta Law Firm is an monthly legal retainer services law office in Quezon City that serves clients anywhere in the Philippines. Its retainer attorneys have their respective specializations that allow them to respond to any legal needs of its clients. Arceo Law also offers corporate secretarial, resident agent, and independent director services. Should you need the help of an monthly legal retainer services law firm, you may contact us at to get in touch with any of our corporate attorneys.


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